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Our slogan is "Come Expecting, Leave Changed" - see how the Lord has touched some of our guests in these excerpts from our guest book.  We would love to have you add your experience here!  See our facebook page for many, many more!

Comments from some of our  guests ~

"This is the best trip every year.  The Lord always does great things here every year..." B W. Youth Pastor 

"Thank you for your ministry and know that it is powerful.  Also, your support has really impacted my life.  The Lord took me to new heights while in Africa,,,"  S J, Youth worker and Missionary 

"Thank you for hosting us and being so loving.  From our first conversation on the phone to now, it has been evident of Christ's work in you two.  Thank you for your servanthood.  The students will never forget this trip.  Lives were changed!"  E, Youth Pastor

"...your rooms are really comfortable!" C W, Camper 

"We truly appreciate the kind hospitality you provided this week for our group. Everyone has had such a great time, and you have definitely made us feel right at home...growing closer to Christ..." Ministry Team to Students 

"I think everyone will agree with me when I say that Surfside is one of the biggest factors about beach retreat.  It is absolutely stunning here and I appreciate all you guys have done for us...." H L, Camper

"This has been the best beach retreat facility I've ever stayed at & I've stayed at a lot....I loved the atmosphere & how friendly you guys were!  A M, Leader of Students

"Coming here is like a family reunion at an old family beach house!  Everything has been great & your continuous smiles make being here ever more special..." MD, Counselor

"You are all doing an amazing thing with your resort! :) Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.'  F A H, Camper

"I came last year &I looked forward to this week all year! Best retreat EVER!"  Student on Retreat

"This has been one of the best camps that I've ever been to!  I don't want to leave!" K M, Youth

"For being my first time, I had a lot of fun and I know alot more stuff about God than what I did know. K, Student 

"Every year is amazing and I love coming here!"  P K, Youth Camper 

"Your retreat is filled with the Holy Spirit..." M G, Student 

"Thanks for Surfside!  A great place for Christians!!!"  M W, Youth Leader 

"As always it was an incredible experience..." Jr High Ministry Team

"God has blessed us to be lead to Surfside Christian Retreat." K M, Lady's Retreater

"From brokenness, Surfside has brought the first step in my healing..." Pastor on Retreat

"Thank you so much for your hospitality and love.  Your friendship over all these years has been such a blessing."  Youth Pastor's Wife

"The students we bring (and us adults included) always receive from the Lord in a powerful way here!"  Ministry Team

Located on the white sugar sand beaches of Riviera Beach just west of Panama City Beach, FL on the quiet west end of Bay County...far away from the "partying scene"!   Offering the best private facility for you in a totally Christian atmosphere. What better place to proclaim the gospel message, while nurturing individuals, families, school or church groups and other Christian or Charity based organizations to the GLORY of GOD!   Relax by the beautiful Gulf of Mexico or on the deck overlooking the pool.  Or you may prefer to go for a swim, enjoy beach volleyball, football or soccer, walk on the beach or take a trip to one of the nearby attractions.   The privacy and quiet makes Surfside just the place for making or renewing your relationship with the LORD, as you study HIS WORD and take in the awesome beauty of HIS creation.  

Youth Pastor Experiences


“Surfside Christian Retreat has been a great blessing to our church over the years. I would highly recommend this facility. I have been a youth pastor at the same church for over 16 years. First you can tell that their staff and prayer team is praying for the groups that are scheduled. We have had tremendous breakthrough with every group we have brought. We have had numerous salvations, baptisms in the ocean and at church when we got home. The kind of change that takes place lasts long after we return home. Another huge benefit that will help Senior Pastors feel secure; is the location. I have been to 3 different retreats in that area. This is the only one that is not only beachside, which means you don’t have to worry about young people crossing the highway... their beach is also away from the high rise buildings so you don’t get all the crazy worldly stuff. It is also a great family atmosphere because of the layout. This helps promote unity and it’s easy to keep an eye on everyone.”   ~ Mike Ulmer, Youth Pastor,  Church on the Rock, TX 


"I've led countless groups on youth and family retreats to this spot, and it is truly sacred ground. If you're needing a great experience for your group, give'em a call!"   ~ Brad Johnson, Pastor/Seminary Teacher, KY



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